Mega Man Zero Rezurrection Demo Release Date and News Update

I am Jack Walker, the project lead of Mega Man Zero Rezurrection.

We know many of you have been waiting on this game's release since it's inception in early 2015. We're pleased to announce that we will be releasing a demo on Christmas! In last year's demo, we only included the prologue and Zero's intro stage. This one will add 3 Zero stages, and X's intro stage. However, the gameplay experience does not stop at the stages. MMZR is an open world game, and with that comes a hub area and different sections of the Overworld that you can explore. Many of the main stages you reach on foot, similar to ZX, but beyond that, the game will have side missions that lead to new content beyond the main story. This goes beyond the "fetch quests" found in ZX. As you progress through the main story, side stories become available which often introduce their own levels. Completing these missions unlocks new Items and abilities for both X and Zero. In addition, we aim to make both playable characters highly customizable. There are a variety of different "costumes" that can be unlocked, allowing you to play as Mythos X or "Classic" Zero. With the right unlocks, you can go as far as to customize the palette of your character, making your Hero unique. We hope you all enjoy what's in store.