Jack Walker

Our Leader, Writer, Level Designer, and the Head Programmer of MMZR. Hates Collision Detection. Hates Bugs even more. Tears apart the Code of MM games for Fun. Prometheus is his Favorite Character.

Alcor Salvador - John Titor

A Programmer, Spriter, Writer, Level Designer and Responsible for this Abomination of a Site. Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Gets side tracked way to easily. Dynamo is his Favorite Character


Our Lead Spriter and a Fan of the Fire Emblem Series. Has a strong grasp of the MMZX Art Style. Still Learning, like the rest of us.

Chandler - Chanman 97

Bout as Edgy as Shadow the Hedgehog. Made all the Concept art for MMZR and has been with the Team for a long time. Vile is his Favorite Character.

Austin_Arts - The Warlord

A Spriter and a huge fan of the Megaman Series. He isn't the best player, but he enjoys the games and that's what really matters.

Sargent Stupied

A Clone of Warlord. Does everything Warlord does. Claims to be the original and that Warlord is instead the Clone. A fun guy, Likes TF2.

Jake - The Zenith Serene

Another Spriter and responsible for a decent amount of Music and Remixes in MMZR. Tends to be forgetful and asks the same question 12 times in a row. Likes Dank Memes.


Lucy's Brother. A novice Spriter, but his enemy designs are unique and add a touch of variety to the well know Megaman formula.


Our newest Spriter, he has fantastic Effect Designs and is good at Enemy Design. A welcome addition to the team.

Tito - Irynsteel

One of our Musicians and he makes some killer Tunes. Originally Started out with pure Electronica, He has a knack for Experimenting and Trying out new sounds.

Rhine Cozimo

One of our Musicians. His alternate style helps give MMZR a diversity akin to the Team at Inticreates.

Armando Sionosa - Innovator123

Our Commissioned Artist and the one responsible for all the nice looking Cutscene Art in the game. Very busy guy, works for Toei Animation. If you want any Commissions done, message him on Deviant Art.

Andrew - TheOmega360

The Voice of Zero. Sounds like Ragna the Bloodedge. Is on his way to become a professional Voice Actor. That is all.

Luke Word

The Voice of X. Likes Transformers.


Harpuia, Phantom, Dr.Walker

Kaydus The Dragon








Previous Members

Nick Ze Nacho, Berley Fernandez, Michael Dugger

Special Thanks

Alan Grey, Lucas Gilbertson, Box of Just Ice, Max, and every Megaman Fan!